The first six months of the C2FUEL project have been mostly dedicated to preliminary actions to pave the way towards the development of the demonstration pilots to be installed within the project. In that way, specifications of the demonstrator to be erected at DK6 power plant have been defined and preliminary designs of each unitary bricks have been established. Additional specific work has also been achieved for each of these bricks.

Regarding high temperature electrolysis, solid oxide electrolysis cells dedicated to hydrogen production have been manufactured and are ready for testing and characterization. The cell and stack testing parameters have been defined as well as test matrixes. Input and output parameters for 0D- and 3D-modelling have also been identified. Finally, the development of HT electrolysis process has been launched and most component suppliers have been contacted.

Regarding DME production, first carbon membranes to be integrated into the reactors have been produced and characterized at lab scale. The characterization results are in line with what was expected at the beginning of the project. CO2 requirements for DME production regarding purity and quantity in accordance with associated KPI have also been defined. Modeling and design of the membrane reactor have already started and catalyst screening is about to start.

Regarding FA production, a preliminary study regarding impurities impacts on CO2 conversion catalysts have been carried out and first development of heterogeneous catalyst and electrocatalyst have been done.

Hence, when looking to technical aspects, crucial work has been performed within the first six months and C2FUEL partners pursue their efforts in pure technological R&D aspects and in the preparation of the demonstration pilots to be implemented and tested.