Posters presented by TU/E at the Netherlands’ Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC) on 09-11/05/2022

Impact of hydrophobicity and Bi2O3 morphology on gas diffusion electrode stability for electrochemical CO2 reduction to formate

Alex J.W. Man, Tim Wissink, Marta C. Figueiredo, Emiel J.M. Hensen

Performance study of supported Au catalysts for the direct hydrogenation of CO2 towards formic acid

A. de Leeuw den Bouter MSc, T. Wissink MSc, Z. Aminuddin, dr. C. Makhloufi, dr. A. Miquelot, dr. P. Oliver, J. van der Schaaf

Poster presented by ENGIE at the C2Fuel Workshop “International Workshop on CO2 capture and utilization” on 16- 17/02/ 2021

An industrially-relevant demonstration of a CCU-based circular economy – B. Wegman, F. Gallucci, P. Olivier, C. Makhloufi

Poster presented by TU/e at the EcoCat conference on 23-25/11/2020

Effect of doping In2O3 with transition metals on the electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to formate – Tim Wissink, Marta Figueiredo, Emiel Hensen