Work-package 1: Specifications and demonstration setup

Specifications for the demonstrator

Portfolio of all data gathered in task 1.1 and task 1.2 to define precisely the KPI of the demonstrator systems to be built within C2FUEL project. (Deliverable 1.1.pdf)

Electricity production and consumption in Dunkirk area

Analysis of Dunkirk area electricity sourcing. Assessment of renewable electricity surplus potential. Levelized cost forecast of both grid and renewable electricity (task 1.4). (Deliverable1.3.pdf)

Steel-off gases pre-treatment unit design

Definition of the pre-treatment section required before CO2 conditioning step. Integration of the gas treatment unit within demonstrator pilot (Deliverable 1.4.pdf)

Work-package 2: High temperature electrolysis development

Influence of operation conditions on single cells performance and durability

Identification of safe operation conditions range based on single cell tests. Delivery of a suitable operation strategy to increase lifespan of single cells and SOE stacks. Results of dynamic operation tests. (Deliverable2.2.pdf)

Influence of sweeping gases on the single cells performance and durability

Results of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and post-test microstructure analysis of a single cell operating under different sweeping gases. Impact of sweeping gas on the oxygen electrode degradation . (Deliverable2.4.pdf)

Influence of pressure on the single cells performance and durability

Results of electrochemical and microstructural analysis of a single cell under different operating pressures. Results of a 500 hours durability test at high pressure. (Deliverable2.5.pdf)

Report on 5000 hours durability test of SOEC under relevant operation conditions

Results of electrochemical and microstructural analysis of a single cell operating under the previously identified optimal operation conditions. Conclusion on SOEC reliability for hydrogen and syngas production. (Deliverable2.6.pdf)

Multiscale modelling results

Results of the 0D and 3D SOE stack models developed under steady and dynamic states. (Deliverable2.7.pdf)

Work-package 4: Development and up-scale of FA production

Catalyst synthetized for FA production

Results of tested catalysts for formic acid production. Definition of selected catalyst and results of high pressure operation and long term stability tests. (Deliverable4.2.pdf)

Analysis of reactor types and spinning disc reactor lab scale design and testing (modeling part)

Assessment of possible reactor technologies to sue for FA production. Results of KPI analysis to identify suitable technology . (Deliverable4.3A.pdf)

Work-package 6: Technical, economic, and environmental assessment

Goal and scope of the LCA

Definition of goal and scope of the LCA. Creation of data collection templates to manage collection process (task 6.3). (Deliverable6.4.pdf)

Preliminary environmental assessment through LCA

Report on preliminary LCA to identify the most significant environmental impacts and sensitive parameters. (Deliverable 6.5.pdf)

Work-package 7: Communication, dissemination and exploitation through stakeholders

Study of social acceptance of the C2FUEL project (1)

Intermediate results of social acceptance of C2FUEL project. Partial communication analysis and first interviews report. (Deliverable7.10.pdf)