Successful H2 production by HTES by ELCOGEN

The C2FUEL project has reached an important milestone as hydrogen was successfully produced at the nominal production rate (1 Nm3/h) by Elcogen with the high-temperature steam electrolysis system. Elcogen’s electrolyzers are based on solid oxide technology that enables substantial efficiency improvements compared to today’s state of the art technologies. Next tasks in the C2FUEL project

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DK6 site preparation for final C2FUEL demonstrator

We are really happy to see DK6 site preparation, in Dunkirk, move forward with the installation of this utilities panel (March 2023)! It will allow us to feed the final C2FUEL demonstrator with compressed air, nitrogen and water for the conversion of CO2 into Dimethylether!

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CO2 conversion to DME: techno-economic analysis

Discover the last paper of TU/e in collaboration with ENGIE, on « Techno-economic assessment of the one-step CO2 conversion to dimethyl ether in a membrane-assisted process » published in Journal of CO2 utilization »! Authors: Serena Poto, Thomas Vink, Pierre Oliver, Fausto Gallucci, M. Fernanda Neira d’Angel Journal of CO2 Utilization, Volume 69, March 2023, 102419 Abstract This

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